Tango Classes

dance tangoThe tango is a passionate dance that utilizes sharp and powerful movements to express emotions, mood and behavior in a dramatic theatrical style.

The basic steps of the tango start out relatively simple, and there are many books, online articles and video tutorials that can teach you these initial moves.

But no matter whether you’re looking to add another skill to your performance repertoire, or you really enjoy dancing and wish to brush up on your technique, you’ll soon need to sign up for classes and find a suitable partner.

Choosing the Right Dance School for Tango Classes

Most dance schools, and some acting/media schools, offer tango lessons. Classes are typically sold in packages of 5, 10, 20, etc., with most schools advising students to take 2-4 lessons per week.

No prior experience in dancing is required to learn how to dance the tango. However, to help explain things properly, teachers will use examples from music theory and this can get a little technical in parts. For example, when it comes to counting the beats and following the tempo, you’ll need to learn rules such as:

Tango follows a traditional 2/4 or 4/4 time signature. 2/4 means that there are 2 beats in each bar, which consists of 4 beats. This would give the song a half time rhythm. 4/4 is the most common time signature used in modern day music. 4/4 means that there are 4 beats in each bar, which consists of 4 beats.

In order to maintain the rhythm you must count out your steps as follows: Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick, Slow (S,S,Q,Q,S). The ‘Slow’ is equal to 2 beats whilst the ‘Quick’ is just 1 beat.

Since you will need to remember technical info like that listed above, learning to tango with a teacher who is clear and concise is extremely important if you wish to see effective results.

So if you’re thinking about learning to dance, or finding a new dance instructor, then start your search for good teachers and book your tango classes today!